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Hey there! Have you heard about Apple’s new twist on FaceTime? It’s not just for chatting anymore. Apple is stepping up its game to compete with big names like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet. How, you ask? Well, now you can do cool stuff like call your friends on Android from your iPhone, watch movies together, and even share what’s on your iPhone screen! If you’re using iOS 15 and wondering how to share your screen on FaceTime, you’re in the right place. I’m going to walk you through it step by step, so let’s get started!

Use Screen Share in FaceTime on iPhone (2022)

Before we jump into how you can share your screen during a FaceTime call, let’s get a clear picture of what this feature is all about!

What is Screen Sharing and How Does It Work in FaceTime?

Ever been in a Zoom or Google Meet call where someone shared their screen with you? That’s exactly what we’re talking about! Screen sharing is like showing your phone or computer screen to others over a video call. Imagine you’re doing a presentation using PowerPoint, or just want to show some cool photos without having to send them over. That’s where screen sharing shines.

Now, Apple’s FaceTime has added its own twist to screen sharing. Sure, you can blur your background in calls, which is pretty cool. But the real game-changer is something called “SharePlay.” This nifty feature lets you jam out to music together with Apple Music, watch movies, and, yes, share your screen to look at apps or anything else on your iPhone, together!

Apple introduced this feature with iOS 15, making it possible for app developers to add SharePlay to their apps. That means you can use it in lots of different apps, not just FaceTime. It’s a big deal because it makes FaceTime way more than just a tool for chatting. It turns it into a space where you can hang out, work, or just have fun with your friends or family, no matter where they are.

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Can You Share Screen with Android and Windows Users During a FaceTime Call?

Wondering if you can share your screen on FaceTime with friends using Android or Windows? Here’s the scoop: While they can join FaceTime calls through a link in their browsers, that’s about as far as it goes. Apple, keeping to its style, has kept some restrictions. SharePlay, the feature that lets you share screens, is really meant for the Apple club – that means iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

But here’s a heads-up: iOS 15 is still getting some finishing touches. So, there might be some changes coming up when the final version rolls out later this year. We’ll keep you posted if anything big changes. For now, if you’re rocking iOS 15 and want to share your screen with other Apple users on FaceTime, here’s how you do it.

Share Your Screen Using FaceTime on iOS 15

  1. Start by Opening FaceTime: Grab your iOS device and launch the FaceTime app.
  2. Create a Meeting Link: Tap on ‘Create Link’ to make a new FaceTime link. Then hit the “i” button and select “Share Link.” You can send this link through text, email, iMessage, or WhatsApp. After sharing, start your FaceTime call.

    Or, go for the direct approach: Tap “New FaceTime,” type in your friends’ names, and hit “FaceTime” to jump straight into a call.

  3. Time to Share Your Screen: Once you’re in the call, look for the “Screen Share” button at the top right of the control panel.
  4. Get Sharing: Tap on “Share My Screen.” There’s a quick countdown (3, 2, 1), and then you’re live!
  5. Choose What to Share: Head over to the app you want to show off to your friends or family during the call.

Screen Share Not Working in FaceTime After iOS 15 Update? Here’s Why!

Are you scratching your head wondering why screen sharing isn’t working on FaceTime after updating to iOS 15? You’re not alone! In the last couple of days, a lot of people have been talking about this. So, we did a little digging to find out what’s going on.

It turns out, Apple has decided to hold off on launching the screen sharing feature in FaceTime. While it was ready to go in the iOS 15 beta version, the feature didn’t make it to the final, stable release. That’s why many of you are hitting a wall when trying to use it. Apple even put a little asterisk next to SharePlay in their iOS 15 features list, hinting that it’s something we can look forward to in a future update.

Apple also responded to a user’s query on Twitter, confirming that the FaceTime screen sharing feature isn’t quite ready and will be coming out later this fall.

So, for now, it looks like we’ll have to wait a bit longer to share screens with friends, family, or colleagues over FaceTime in iOS 15. But don’t worry, once it’s up and running, you can refer back to the guide above to get started.

Use FaceTime to Share Your Screen on iPhone and iPad

So there you have it – how to use FaceTime for screen sharing on your iOS or iPadOS device. Personally, I’d love to see a full-fledged FaceTime web app, making it easy for anyone to use the service without limitations. But for now, Apple’s efforts to transform FaceTime into a versatile video conferencing tool are pretty exciting.

iOS 15’s official release is still a bit away, so there’s a chance Apple might tweak FaceTime to be more welcoming to Android and Windows users.

What do you think about the new-and-improved FaceTime? Do you see it becoming your go-to app for business meetings or catching up with friends and family? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


As we wrap up our exploration of FaceTime in iOS 15, it’s clear that Apple is pushing the boundaries of video calling. Transforming FaceTime from a simple call app to a comprehensive platform for work, play, and connection shows Apple’s commitment to innovation. The introduction of features like screen sharing, along with the possibility of SharePlay, positions FaceTime as a strong contender in the world of video conferencing.

While the full potential of these features, particularly screen sharing, is yet to be unleashed due to Apple’s phased rollout, the anticipation builds. The delay, though a tad disappointing, is a reminder of the tech giant’s dedication to delivering polished and fully-functional features.

As iOS 15 continues to evolve, we’re excited to see how FaceTime will expand its horizons, potentially becoming more inclusive for Android and Windows users. The future of FaceTime looks bright, and it stands on the brink of transforming how we interact, share, and collaborate virtually.

So, keep your eyes peeled for updates, and remember – the best of FaceTime is yet to come!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I screen share on FaceTime?

To start screen sharing on FaceTime, first start a FaceTime call with the person you want to share your screen with. Once the call is connected, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to access the Control Center and tap on the Screen Mirroring icon. Then select the device you want to mirror your screen to from the list of available options.

2. Can I control the other person's screen during a screen sharing session?

No, you cannot control the other person's screen during a screen sharing session on FaceTime. Screen sharing on FaceTime is limited to merely showing your screen or viewing someone else's screen.

3. What happens if I receive a phone call during a screen sharing session?

If you receive a phone call during a screen sharing session, the screen sharing will automatically pause until you end the phone call. Once you end the phone call, you can resume the screen sharing session by tapping on the notification that appears on your screen

4. Can I use screen sharing on FaceTime with more than one person at the same time?

No, you cannot use screen sharing on FaceTime with more than one person at the same time. Screen sharing on FaceTime is limited to one-on-one calls only.

5. Are there any tips for improving the quality of screen sharing on FaceTime?

There are a few tips for improving the quality of screen sharing on FaceTime. First, make sure you have a stable and fast internet connection. Also, ensure that you close any unnecessary apps or programs on your device before starting the screen sharing session. Finally, position your device's camera in a way that minimizes glare and provides optimal lighting for better visibility.

6. How do I stop a screen sharing session on FaceTime?

To stop a screen sharing session on FaceTime, simply tap on the screen mirroring icon in the Control Center and select "Stop Mirroring." Alternatively, you can end the FaceTime call altogether, which will also stop the screen sharing session.

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