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Hey there, Spectrum customer! 👋 Are you planning to upgrade your gadgets, moving to a cool new place, or thinking of saying goodbye to Spectrum services? If yes, you might need to return some equipment to them. It’s super important to know the right way to do this. Why? Well, to avoid extra fees and make sure everything goes smoothly.

I’ve got your back! This guide is your handy helper for returning Spectrum cable boxes, modems, routers, and other gear. It’s like a treasure map, but instead of finding treasure, you’re avoiding extra charges on your final bill and any unnecessary headaches.

Ready to dive in? We’ll explore where to find the closest Spectrum store, how to set up a pick-up (if you need one), and the steps to prep your equipment for return. Let’s get started!

Where to Return Your Spectrum Equipment

Alright, let’s talk about where you can return your Spectrum equipment. It’s not just about handing over your gear; it’s about doing it the right way. So, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Discover Your Nearest Spectrum Store: First things first, you need to find where your local Spectrum retail store is. You can easily find this info on Spectrum’s website or by giving their customer service a quick call.
  2. Visit the Store with Your Equipment: Got your cable boxes, modems, routers, or other devices from Spectrum? Great! Gather them all, including power cords and remotes, and take them to the store during their business hours.
  3. Chat with the Store Associate: Once you’re at the store, let the associate know you’re there to return equipment. You might also be canceling or downgrading your Spectrum services. Don’t forget to provide your account details like name, address, and account number to identify your equipment.
  4. Equipment Inspection Time: The store associate will need to check out your equipment to make sure it’s in good shape and not damaged. They’ll tell you if there are any fees for damaged or unreturned items before they process your return.
  5. Get Your Receipt – It’s Important!: After the return is processed, you’ll get a receipt. This isn’t just any piece of paper – it’s proof that you returned the equipment. Keep it safe! Your Spectrum bill will be updated based on your service change and when it kicks in.
  6. Ask About Service Changes: If you’re discontinuing or changing your Spectrum services, now’s the time to ask. The store associate can help ensure everything is switched off or changed on the date you want. This helps avoid any surprise charges.
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Dropping Off Equipment at a UPS Store

If dropping off your Spectrum equipment at a UPS store sounds like the easiest way for you, then this part is for you. UPS, previously known as the Mailboxes, offers a straightforward way to return your gear. Let’s walk through the steps together:

  1. Contact Spectrum Customer Service: The first step is to give Spectrum’s customer service a call. Let them know you want to return your equipment using UPS.
  2. Give Details About Your Devices: Be ready with specifics like model numbers of the devices you’re returning. Spectrum will need to check your account and equipment details. After this, they’ll give you a return authorization number and a shipping label.

Step-by-Step Guide to UPS Return

  1. Get Your Return Authorization and Label: You’ll receive a return authorization and a shipping label from Spectrum. This is your green light to start the return process.
  2. Pack Your Equipment: Gather all your equipment – cables, remotes, routers – everything.
  3. Wrap Everything Securely: Make sure each item is wrapped well to prevent damage during shipping.
  4. Label Your Package: Stick the shipping label on the outside of your package.
  5. Record the Return Authorization Number: Keep this number with you; it’s important for your records.
  6. Visit Your Nearest UPS Store: Time to take your package to the closest UPS store.
  7. Inform the UPS Agent: Let them know you have a pre-paid shipping label from Spectrum.
  8. Provide the Return Authorization Number: This helps the agent with the return process.
  9. Get Your Receipt from the Agent: After they scan the shipping label, they’ll give you a receipt.
  10. Keep Your Receipt Safe: This is your proof of return, so hold onto it.
  11. Return Window: Remember, you have 14-15 days from the purchase date to return the equipment, as per Spectrum’s policy.
  12. Wait for the Final Bill Adjustment: Once the return is complete, Spectrum will adjust your final bill.

Scheduling a Pickup From Spectrum Directly

Contacting Spectrum Directly

Sometimes, making it to a Spectrum store just isn’t possible – maybe you’re super busy, or it’s just inconvenient. But if you can manage it, that’s great! Otherwise, scheduling a pickup directly with Spectrum is a super convenient option. Here’s how to do it:

Options for Scheduling a Spectrum Pickup

  1. Call Spectrum Customer Service: Dial 1-855-222-0102 and have a chat with a Spectrum representative. Tell them you want to cancel your Spectrum services and need to schedule a pickup for your equipment. They’ll check your account details, cancel your services either right away or on a future date you choose, and arrange for a technician to come and pick up your equipment. This usually happens within 1 to 2 business days.
  2. Visit a Spectrum Store or Service Center: If you can make it to a Spectrum store, bring your equipment with you. This way, you can return it there and then, avoiding the pickup fee. The staff will cancel your services and hand you a receipt for the equipment return. Make sure all your equipment is accounted for before you leave.
  3. Use the Online Chat Feature: Prefer typing to talking? No problem! Head over to Spectrum’s website and use the chat feature to talk to a customer service agent. Give them your account details and let them know you need to cancel your services and schedule an equipment pickup. They’ll sort everything out through chat and confirm your pickup details.
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What You Need to Provide

For any of these options, be ready with your name, service address, account number, and details of all the equipment you’re returning. This includes cable boxes, modems, routers, and any other devices.

Important Info About Fees and Final Billing

Keep in mind, Spectrum will charge fees for any equipment returned after 15 business days from the purchase date. Once your equipment is picked up and your services are canceled, expect your final bill within 2 billing cycles.

Mailing the Equipment Back to Spectrum

Before you can return your Spectrum equipment, you need to collect everything that came with your service. Usually, this includes:

  • Cable box or DVR
  • Remote control
  • HDMI and power cables
  • Router (if Spectrum provided it for WiFi service)
  • Modem (for internet service)

Packing Your Equipment the Right Way

It’s super important to pack all the equipment securely. This means using the original boxes and packaging if you still have them, to prevent any damage during shipping.

If you don’t have the original boxes anymore, no worries! Just find some sturdy boxes and packing materials that will keep everything safe. Once you’ve packed everything, seal the boxes well with packing tape.

Don’t Forget the Return Shipping Label

Spectrum will give you a pre-paid return shipping label. Make sure you stick this label on the outside of the biggest box you’re returning. If you forget to use this label, you’ll have to pay the shipping fees yourself.

Choose Your Return Method: Drop Off or Pickup

You’ve got two easy options for returning the equipment:

  1. Drop Off at a UPS Store: Just take your sealed and labeled boxes to any UPS Store. Let the store associate know these are for Spectrum and you’ve got a pre-paid label.
  2. Schedule a Free UPS Pickup: If you can’t make it to a UPS Store, no problem! You can schedule a UPS pickup right from your home, at no extra cost. Just make sure your boxes are sealed and labeled, and the UPS driver will handle the rest.

Final Steps and Getting Help

Following these steps should make returning your Spectrum equipment a breeze, and help you avoid any extra fees.

Remember to keep your UPS receipt or tracking info. This is your proof that you returned everything, just in case there are any questions later. And if you run into any troubles or have questions, Spectrum customer service is there to help.


As a savvy Spectrum customer, you’re now totally equipped with all the know-how to return your Spectrum gear to the right place. Whether you choose to drop off your equipment at a Spectrum store, a UPS Store, or schedule a pickup, you’ll find the process pretty straightforward.

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One key thing to remember: always keep your receipt or confirmation of the return. This is your proof, just in case any questions pop up later about the equipment you returned.

Remember, by returning your items promptly, you’re helping Spectrum keep up their quality service. They can refurbish or replace equipment for future subscribers, thanks to your responsible action.

Although ending your service with Spectrum means parting ways with their TV, internet, or phone services, you can pat yourself on the back for leaving things on a positive note. By returning all rented equipment properly, you’re closing this chapter gracefully and ready for whatever comes next. Here’s to new beginnings!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What equipment do I need to return to Spectrum?

You'll need to return any Spectrum equipment that you've rented or leased through them. This typically includes cable boxes, modems, routers, and any other devices that allow you to access their services.

2. How do I return my Spectrum equipment?

You can return your Spectrum equipment either by mail or in person at a Spectrum store location. If you choose to return by mail, Spectrum will provide you with a shipping label that you can print out and use to send back your equipment. If you choose to return in person, just bring your equipment to the store and a representative will take care of the rest.

3. Is there a fee for returning Spectrum equipment?

No, there is no fee for returning Spectrum equipment. In fact, if you return your equipment within the specified time frame, you may even be eligible for a full refund of any deposit you paid when you first obtained the equipment.

4. How long do I have to return my Spectrum equipment?

The timeframe for returning Spectrum equipment varies depending on the specific terms of your rental or lease agreement. However, most agreements require that you return your equipment within 7-10 days of cancelling your service in order to avoid any additional charges.

5. Can I return my Spectrum equipment even if I'm not the account holder?

Yes, you can return Spectrum equipment on behalf of the account holder as long as you have their permission to do so. However, you will need to provide proof of the account holder's identity when returning the equipment.

6. What should I do if I don't have the original packaging for my Spectrum equipment?

While it's always best to return equipment in its original packaging, it's not always necessary. If you don't have the original packaging for your Spectrum equipment, simply wrap it in bubble wrap or some other protective material to prevent any damage during transit.

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